Meatballs are fun to make with the kids and of course they like eating them too! Cal’s favorite way to eat them is in a meatball sub with some cheese […]

stuffed pepper soup

Stuffed Pepper Soup is another easy and great tasting Crock-Pot meal. I had never heard of stuffed pepper soup until Cal ordered it at a restaurant while we were on vacation […]

crock-pot baked potatoes 3

Crock-pot Baked Potatoes are one of the easiest things you can possibly make in a crock-pot. I LOVE using my crock-pot for just about anything. With busy work and school schedules, […]

Handmade Lunchbox 40

I first tried to make a Handmade Lunchbox when my oldest kids were still in elementary school. Money was tight and I had some fabric, so gave it a go. It […]

plant hanger 13

This pretty plant hanger is fairly easy to make with just about any kind of twine, rope, or (my favorite) colorful twisted fabric twine. If you want to learn how to […]

cherry cobbler 1

Cherries were on sale this week, it was 100 degrees today, and the air conditioner was having a tough time keeping up. That’s all it took for me to try […]

cheddar ranch dressing salad

This Cheddar Ranch Salad Dressing is a yummy twist on traditional ranch dressing! Made with fresh herbs and sharp cheddar, it’s a fresh, delicious alternative to anything that comes in […]

banana pecan cake 8

When I have overripe bananas in the house, this moist and delicious Banana Pecan Cake Recipe is my go to recipe to use up those sweet bananas. This cake never lasts more […]