Frugal Tips

stuffed pepper soup

Stuffed Pepper Soup is another easy and great tasting Crock-Pot meal. I had never heard of stuffed pepper soup until Cal ordered it at a restaurant while we were on vacation […]

crockpot sloppy joes 5

Crock-pot Sloppy Joes are another yummy way to make great use of the crock-pot. This recipe for Sloppy Joes makes enough for at least 2 meals for our large family and […]

natural orange cleaner

My boys really enjoy participating in Lego Robotics each year. As the name implies, the kids are creating robots with legos, however the lego robotics competitions are about much more than […]

growing sprouts 1

If you are looking for a really easy vegetable to grow, sprouts are a great choice. My favorite is traditional alfalfa. These are the kind that you can find in […]

roasted cabbage 4

I have a new favorite roasted vegetable – Roasted Cabbage! Who knew cabbage could taste so good? I actually do like cabbage, usually in cole slaw or saurkraut, but it […]

colorful kale salad

Kale is one of my favorite vegetables and I like that fact that it is so versatile. It’s easy to toss in a salad, saute with a little olive oil as […]

homemade dressing

After all the sweet treats in December, I tend to crave a few more vegetables in January. One of my favorite ways to eat vegetables is in a crunchy, fresh […]

haircut 3

One frugal practice that I’ve been doing for quite a while now is giving my family hair cuts. I even cut my own hair most of the time, until it reaches […]


I’ve been wanting to write about this fun birthday party idea for a sweet 16 for a few months now. Mo turned 16 (yes, I can hardly believe it!) back […]

baked beans

Baked Beans seem to vary depending on the region. I grew up with New England style baked beans that had a strong molasses flavor to them. Here in the south, […]