Frugal Tips

Greek Yogurt Finished

A great way to make your own Greek Yogurt is to strain out the whey from regular yogurt. The result is a thick, creamy, delicious Greek style yogurt. To get […]


I’m not sure how I would function without my trusty Crock Pot! I use it for so many things and it has saved my sanity many times when I wouldn’t […]

tightwad gazette

Mo and I are in the grocery store, checking out with our 12 pounds of butter, when the man in front of me says, “Do you mind telling me what […]

Homemade Vanilla

Making your own vanilla extract is WAY easier than you might think. To make your own vanilla extract, all that you need to get started is 1-2 vanilla beans, some […]


I wanted to share with you a tip I learned about how to store fresh herbs and make them last longer in the refrigerator. We all know how frustrating it is when […]

lunch box jello

My kids love this fruity gelatin and it’s a great make-ahead snack that can go in their lunchbox. It’s really easy to make and the kids always fight over who […]

homemade laundry soap

I’ve been making laundry soap for over 10 years now, way before it was trendy. The first few times I mentioned it, people thought I was crazy. “It can’t possibly […]

cooked beans

Beans are an easy addition to soups, chili, salads, and all kinds of things. They’re super nutritious and a great meat substitute in some recipes. Paired with a grain (think […]

crock-pot chicken

Crock Pot Chicken is my go to recipe for whole chicken. It’s so fast and easy to literally throw in the crockpot in the morning and it’s done by the […]

homemade broth

Every time I want to make a nice hearty soup or stew, I reach for my, always ready, homemade broth that I keep in the freezer. I say “always ready” […]