stuffing 8

When it comes to Thanksgiving, my creativity in the kitchen is replaced by traditional recipes. We rarely change up the Thanksgiving Dinner menu and what traditional turkey dinner wouldn’t be […]

roasted eggplant-4

Roasted Eggplant is so delicious! Just about any type of roasted vegetable is a favorite with me. I usually pick up eggplant at the grocery store when it goes on sale, […]

kitchen time-savers

Crock-pot Baked Potatoes are one of the easiest things you can possibly make in a crock-pot. I LOVE using my crock-pot for just about anything. With busy work and school schedules, […]

roasted cauliflower 4

Cauliflower is one of our favorite vegetables and I like to cook with it because it is so versatile. I’ve even tried cauliflower pizza crust which was pretty tasty. This […]

roasted carrot soup

This Roasted Carrot Soup is so creamy and delicious, the kids will forget they’re eating vegetables! Organic carrots were on sale for a great price, so I stocked up. Then, […]

roasted cabbage 4

I have a new favorite roasted vegetable – Roasted Cabbage! Who knew cabbage could taste so good? I actually do like cabbage, usually in cole slaw or saurkraut, but it […]

baked beans

Baked Beans seem to vary depending on the region. I grew up with New England style baked beans that had a strong molasses flavor to them. Here in the south, […]

sweet baked squash 5

With a “giant” amount of squash to cook up, we decided to make Sweet Baked Squash for Christmas dinner. While a couple of the kids like Smashing Squash, most prefer a […]

smashing squash 9

This delicious squash was a side dish to a Rosemary Garlic Pork Roast with Cranberry Apple Pear Sauce that I made last weekend. Let’s just say, it was a yummy meal! Butternut […]

Pizza Salad

This salad is DELICIOUS!!! I’m really excited about this little creation. I was craving pizza but tired of that “I ate way too many carbs this week” feeling. So, I […]