small drawstring bag

This cute little drawstring bag can be used to hold all kinds of trinkets, but I think it is most useful for holding small jewelry gifts. You can make this […]

machine stitching

I put together this video on how to hem something (usually pants) using a machine stitched hem. This type of hem is used on what I think of as casual […]

How to Sew A Button on

This is a great tutorial on how to hem pants by hand and the same concept applies to anything that you need to shorten – skirts, dresses, pants, shorts, and depending […]

fabric headband

This headband is super quick to throw together and can be made with materials that you might already have on hand. I like to make little handmade gifts for birthday […]

How to Sew A Button on

At work, I think I’m the only one in the office that knows how to sew. This always amazes me as I’ve been sewing and crafting in one form or […]