sewing projects

pair of handwarmers

These little hand-warmers are super easy to whip up and a nice comfort on a cold morning. I was thinking they would be great when camping, although not sure how […]

skirt re-fashion 8

We’ve been creating all kinds of new garments since our last Goodwill trip! This refashion comes from a tank top that we found in a pretty blue print combined with a […]

dress re-fashion 5

Some of my favorite projects involve creating something new from materials I already have or can acquire inexpensively. Mo and I visited our local Goodwill last weekend looking for garments that, […]

shirt re-fashion 8

On our last trip to Goodwill, Mo and I found this really pretty plaid dress. As soon as I saw it, I knew it was perfect for a friend of […]

baby quilt 28

I love to make quilts, although I wouldn’t call myself any kind of expert or great at making them. The concept of making something from fabric scraps or recycling materials […]

hot or cold pack

These hot or cold packs are so comforting for all kinds of aches and pains. They are basically fabric pouches filled with rice and any herbs or essential oils you like. We […]

small drawstring bag

This cute little drawstring bag can be used to hold all kinds of trinkets, but I think it is most useful for holding small jewelry gifts. You can make this […]