Chocolate Crescents

This has to be the fastest, easiest dessert recipe I have ever made! Car wanted to make a sweet treat and had his eye on the Nutella. I suggested a spoon, but he had been looking through his favorite chocolate cookbook and was pretty determinedĀ to make something, so that is how these Chocolate Crescents came about. šŸ™‚

chocolate crescents plate

I’m glad he was persistent because one bite of the flaky pastry with that creamy, nutty chocolate just melted in my mouth. Delicious! And EASY!

You only need 2 ingredients to make these Chocolate Crescents – a package of frozen puff pastry and a jar of nutella. Puff pastry is not the healthiest thing you can find in the grocery store, so I don’t buy it often, but it sure is a nice treat when you want to make something special. You can usually find it in the frozen bread dough or dessert section of the frozen food aisle. It’s great to use as a topper for pot pie or fruit crisp or as the base for a fancy “pizza” like dish. It makesĀ littleĀ pigs in a blanket look and taste extra fancy.Ā And, puff pastry is great for these little chocolate crescents.

Just follow the directions on Ā the package to let the dough thaw out. This takes about 40-45 minutes.Ā When the dough is ready to go, pre-heat the oven to 400 degrees. The dough is folded in thirds which makes cutting it into 6 rectangles pretty easy. Just unfold and cut along the fold lines, then cut each of those sections in half.Ā I unfolded the dough right on a cookie sheet – less to clean up. šŸ™‚

chocolate crescents 1

Next, spread a little nutella on each piece. We didn’t measure this – we just dropped a spoonful in the center and spread it around. You don’t want it too thick so that it mushes out when cooking – just a nice layer and leave a little border of dough around the edges.

chocolate crescents 2

Starting at one corner, roll up each piece on the diagonal and form into a crescent shape.

chocolate crescents 3

Pop these into a pre-heated 400 degree oven and bake for 15-20 minutes. They will puff up and get golden brown.

chocolate crescents 4

We had a couple of crescents get a little wonky during the baking process, but we didn’t fuss over the shape too much to begin with and they still tasted great!

chocolate crescents 5

We kept these pretty simple, but to fancy them up, you could probably drizzle them with a little more nutella or melted chocolate and sprinkle some chopped nuts on top. For a fast and easy dessert, I thought they looked and tasted like something much more elegant. They were really fun to make with the kids too! šŸ™‚