Fire Light Hydrangea

fire light hydrangea

It’s getting near my birthday and I am not all that anxious to officially add on another year. So, I was pleasantly surprised when a box showed up on my doorstep today. Hmm… I thought. I don’t remember ordering anything so BIG! As I opened the label and started looking through the paperwork, I realized it was a gift from my brother and his family and it said “live plants” on the outside. Now that got my attention! Sure enough inside was a real live Fire Light Hydrangea. I’m so excited – I love hydrangeas! So far, I have kept them alive in 2 different locations, so that automatically makes them one of my favorites. The one I received is ready to be planted and has no flowers, so I quickly searched to see what they look like.

fire light hydrangea

Aren’t they beautiful!!! Now, I have to find the perfect spot to plant it. Until today, I had no idea that flowers/shrubs could be shipped. The closest thing I’ve seen shipped plant-wise was dried out raspberry starter plants, so this is a great new discovery. Gardensoyvey, is the company that provided my beautiful Fire Light Hydrangea. Their site looks amazing. Just like in a live garden center, I could get lost in all the aisles/pages of plants.




  1. Hi Amy! That plant looks great!! Love your blog, looking forward to seeing the hydrangea as it grows:) I received 2 live clematis plants Friday in the mail from Bluestone Perennials, out of Ohio- plants looked great, are 100% guaranteed, and are supposed to flower from June-September!!! Crossing my fingers that they do just that!

    1. Hi Suzanne,
      Thanks!! I’m hoping the hydrangea likes the spot I picked for it and makes those pretty red flowers!! Clematis are so pretty – hope they work out well. I’ll have to check out Bluestone perennials. 🙂

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