Fun and Easy Slushies

Who doesn’t love an ice cold slushie on hot summer day?!? We discovered a great way to make these slushies using our ice cream maker and it couldn’t be simpler. Just mix up a few ingredients, pour into the ice cream maker, and 10-15 minutes later, enjoy a refreshing ice slushie. We made lime slushies because we had the right ingredients on hand. I think just about any flavor could be created – any sweet liquid should work. Lemonade would be tasty and the texture of this slushie is really awesome, kind of like something you might find at a fair or carnival. We’re going to try strawberry kiwi juice next to see if straight juice will work without any added sugar! 🙂

lime slushies

For these lime slushies, we added 2 cups of ice cold water (strain the ice when pouring into the bowl), 1/2 cup of sugar, and 1/4 cup of lime juice (fresh or bottled) directly into the ice cream maker bowl. Make sure the ice cream maker bowl has been chilling in the freezer for at least 24 hours. We keep ours in the freezer all the time, ready to go!

slushies 1

slushies 2

The ice cream maker mixed the ingredients as it turned them into a delicious slushie. After about 15 minutes, these were ready to eat/drink. The mixing blade was a little stuck at first, so be careful when taking it out of the mixing bowl.

slushies 3

Pour into glasses and enjoy! lime slushies

This recipe made enough for 4 of these small juice glasses. The recipe could easily be doubled if your ice cream maker has the room (most should unless they are really small). These would probably taste great with a little tequila too! 😉