Growing a mango plant

Yesterday, when I headed down to the compost bin to dig up some rich compost to add to my containers, I was pleasantly surprised to find a mango plant growing in the compost!!! How cool is that!!?!!

mango in compost

I could hardly contain my excitement as I scooped it up and plopped it in a bucket, ready to find a new home for this little gem! Since some of my seeds did not come up as I had hoped, there was an empty container, just waiting for a new plant. I think it’s fascinating when something grows, but when it just does it out of sheer determination from a little heap of kitchen scraps, well that’s just pretty darn neat!!mango plant 2

And, finding this treasure reassures me that we’re doing the right thing by composting. Even if  we were never to use the rich soil for a garden, it just makes good sense to respect the earth and return to it what we have taken from it. Why bag up all those nutrients into something plastic destined for I don’t know where…

So, I planted the little mango plant into an semi-empty container on my front steps (the sunniest part of the yard). I think it looks pretty happy next to that rogue strawberry plant. I actually have no idea how that strawberry managed to move 2 pots down into that particular location, but it just seems fitting that it hang out with that mango. I’d say they are both determined plants. 🙂

Mango plant

I’m anxious to see if this little guy can make it through a coastal Georgia winter. If I cover it on the coldest days, I think it might stand a chance. From what I’ve read, mangos like hot and humid summers and cool, dry winters. Our winters aren’t super dry, but we only occasionally get a frost, so we’ll see. Although this mango plant sprouted up in rich compost, supposedly they don’t need over rich soil to grow in. That might be a good fit in this pot because I grew peppers in this soil last year and haven’t added any nutrients.

We’re excited to watch this grow – hopefully next summer it will thrive in the hot, humid weather!

Mango Plant Update – June 2016

Mango plant from compost june 2016

I’m so impressed with how much this little mango plant has grown! And that rogue strawberry plant that tagged along for the ride? It has given us the nicest strawberries this year! The mango plant provides a little shade for the strawberry plant and it seems to work out nicely for both plants!

I’ve noticed another rogue plant has made a home in this pot as well. I think it might strawberry from mango plantbe a cucumber or maybe something in the squash family. It’s been climbing it’s way nicely up the mango plant. Whatever it is, I’m certain it’s meant to be in that pot. This has become my favorite in the garden – a bunch of happy friends hanging out together and doing their own thing, enjoying life. Doesn’t get any better than that! 🙂


  1. Amy – We have a wonderful program here in Portland called “Garbage to Garden”. For a small fee they pick up your organic garbage and give you a rich composted soil in return. Enjoy your blog.

    1. Thanks, Sylvia. 🙂 Garbage to Garden – that’s awesome!!! I love that idea! I’m going to mention it to Cal. He is part of the Lego Robotics team at school and the theme this year is “trash trek.” As part of the competition, they need to do research on ways to lower the trash impact in our communities. The team might be able to start, or at least encourage, the idea of something like Garbage to Garden right here in our community. Thanks for sharing!

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