How to Make Your Own Toothpaste

Homemade toothpaste? Yes, I’m just that crazy to try it! 🙂 And, I’m really glad I did. I’ve been using this homemade toothpaste for over a month now and am very happy with the results.

homemade toothpaste

My toothpaste project started with a simple google search to find a natural remedy for sensitive teeth. I had been faithfully using sensitive toothpaste for years, taking care not to use the whitening version, when it suddenly seemed to stop working. My teeth hurt so bad that I could not even sip my coffee until it had cooled down a bit (with either patience or more frequently 2 ice cubes). That was my line in the sand! I LOVE my coffee in the morning and reaching the point where I couldn’t enjoy that first cup without wincing pushed me into action.

I happened to stumble onto an amazing site, WellnessMama and proceeded to learn a great deal about tooth sensitivity. I was really impressed with the quality of information and the great recipes! Eventually, I tried the recipe for homemade toothpaste. It was definitely not love at first brushing as I did not add any sweetener or flavoring, but I kept at it. On the second batch, I added some sweet orange oil for a little added flavor. It’s still kind of salty tasting, but it works really well and I’ve gotten used to it. Who says toothpaste has to taste sweet and minty anyways? The best part was how clean and smooth my teeth felt and little by little they have become less sensitive. I’m also taking Vitamin D and Fish oil which was a suggestion from the Wellness Mama article regarding reducing sensitivity. It’s difficult for me to tell if the toothpaste alone is making a difference in the sensitivity, but I do like the clean and smooth feeling of my teeth. Also, knowing that I’m not putting unnecessary chemicals in my mouth is just one less thing to worry about in my busy life.

The basic components of the Toothpaste are:

  • 5 parts Calcium Carbonate Powder
  • 2 parts Baking Soda
  • Coconut Oil to reach a paste consistency
  • Essential oils (optional for flavor) and be sure to choose oils that are safe to ingest. I have only experimented with Peppermint and Sweet Orange so check with an expert if you have any doubts!

(If you want a sweet tasting toothpaste, I would check out the original recipe on WellnessMama. It includes a sweetener that I decided to leave out.)

When I make a batch, I use teaspoons as my “part” measure, but anything will work as long as you keep it in proportion.

Start off by mixing the calcium and baking soda in a bowl.

making toothpaste 2

Add a spoonful of coconut oil and mix.

making toothpaste 3

If it’s dry and clumpy, add more oil and keep mixing and/or adding coconut oil until you get a nice smooth paste.

making toothpaste 4

making toothpaste 5

making toothpaste 6

Once it is a smooth consistency that you like, mix in any essential oils if using.

making toothpaste 7

making toothpaste 8

I keep the toothpaste in a small jelly jar and dip my toothbrush in to scoop out the paste (this works now because I am the only one using it).

making toothpaste 9

I recently found these cute little jars with different color lids that I am going to put toothpaste in so that each person has their own jar. This way we won’t have to worry about multiple toothbrushes dipping into one container. I’m curious to see if the rest of my family will embrace the natural homemade version or go running back to the store bought minty kind. It will be an interesting experiment. 🙂

For an easy to follow video tutorial, check out the video below.

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