How to Make a Plant Hanger

This pretty plant hanger is fairly easy to make with just about any kind of twine, rope, or (my favorite) colorful twisted fabric twine. If you want to learn how to make fabric twine, head on over to for an awesome tutorial. plant hanger 14While the fabric twine is super pretty, any type of sturdy rope, twine, or yarn will work. I can’t help but remember using macrame cord for a project similar to this when I was a girl scout. I’m not sure if they still make that cord any more, but if you can find it or have some on hand, that would work well for this project too. I’m partial to the fabric twine because I just love the mix of colors!

Supplies Needed

4 pieces of rope or twine 8-10 feet long (this varies depending on how long you want the plant hanger to be). I used (4) 8 ft long pieces. You can always trim off the excess if you make these a little long.

Loop for hanging (optional)

plant hanger 1

Making the Plant Hanger

Start out by taking your 4 pieces of twine and folding them in half. The fold will be the top of the hanger. If you do not have a hanger loop, you can simply tie a knot, leaving a loop of rope at the top to use as the hanger. I would place the knot a little above where my hand is in the picture below.

plant hanger 3

If you are using a loop for a hanger, insert the folded part into the loop.

plant hanger 4

Pull it through the loop and slide the loose ends through the loop. Pull tight to form a knot around the loop.

plant hanger 5

plant hanger 6

Now that we’ve got the top of the plant hanger secured, there will be 8 pieces of rope hanging below the loop. Divide these into 4 sections with 2 pieces of rope in each.

plant hanger 7

About 16-18 inches down from the top, tie a knot in each of the sections. Just hold the 2 ropes together as if they were one piece and make a knot. Try to get them somewhat even, although they don’t have to be perfect.

plant hanger 8

So now we have 4 sections with 2 pieces of rope in each and each of them has a knot approximately 16-18 inches from the top. Next, about 6-8 inches below the knots, take a piece of rope from one section and a piece of rope from the section next to it and tie a knot.plant hanger 9

Do this for each section and you’ll have a piece of rope left on each side. Take these 2 pieces from each side and make a knot with them. So you know have 4 additional knots approximately 6-8 inches below the first set, on alternating strings.

plant hanger 10

Approximately 6-8 inches below that second set of knots, holding all the strings together, make a large knot. This is the bottom of the plant hanger that will sit under the pot.

plant hanger 11

If you get confused by a step, take a look at the finished picture to visualize where all the knots will sit when it’s complete. I find that helps me when assembling.

Hanging the Plant

plant hanger 13

To place the plant in the hanger, I find it’s easier to hang the plant hanger. To slide the plant into the hanger, separate any 2 strings. Gently set the bottom of the plant pot on top of that large knot. Shimmy the strings around so that they are spread out nicely. Be careful not to tear any stems from the plant. It might take a little jockeying to get the plant to sit straight. Just keep working at it until it looks level.