Roasted Cabbage

I have a new favorite roasted vegetable – Roasted Cabbage! Who knew cabbage could taste so good? I actually do like cabbage, usually in cole slaw or saurkraut, but it was never something I thought of making as a side dish, until now. 🙂 Like any other roasted vegetable, you simply add some olive oil and seasonings, then throw it in the oven at a high temperature and it comes out delicious!

roasted cabbage 4

I made this roasted cabbage in thick slices and it was delicious, although I think I would have liked it better in smaller pieces because this was difficult to cut with a fork. It looked pretty though in these nice thick slices. I’m going to experiment with chopping it next time and guessing it will be equally delicious.

Start off by slicing the cabbage into approximately 1 inch slices (or try cubes). I just kept slicing up half, then a quarter, working my way around the core.

roasted cabbage 2

Sprinkle a little olive oil on a cookie sheet (one with sides is best).

roasted cabbage 1

I tend to be a little heavy handed with the olive oil and have to remind myself that just because it’s a good oil, doesn’t mean we should eat a ton of it. If you want this on the healthy side, use less oil.

Add the slices of cabbage to the cookie sheet and either flip them over or add more olive oil so that there is oil on both sides.

roasted cabbage 3

Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Add any spices you might like. I like to add rosemary and thyme to just about any vegetable. It’s a delicious combination, but use what you like. I think salt and pepper alone would be good too, especially if you have fussy eaters.

Throw this in the oven and crank the heat up to 425-450 degrees. By the time the oven is up to temperature, the cabbage will be done. If you don’t like it quite as crispy, pre-heat the oven and bake for 20-25 minutes or until done to your liking.

roasted cabbage 4

Not only is this Roasted Cabbage super easy and delicious, it’s pretty economical too. Cabbage is a relatively inexpensive vegetable, holds up well in the refrigerator, and is full of fiber and other nutrition.