I started making lots of bath and beauty products for our family and when they worked so well, we decided to share our favorites with others. You’ll find the recipes for some of these products on the blog. If you enjoy hand crafted products and making them yourself isn’t your thing, head on over to our Etsy shop. You’ll find a few of my favorite sewing creations in the Etsy shop as well.

I’m always looking for shops and markets that would like to carry these products, as well as partnering with organizations to sell Lip Balm in support of fundraising efforts. Drop me an email at, call me at 912.239.8856, or message me through @homestdreams on Facebook.

Homesteading Dreams Products:

Below are just a few of our great products. Visit our Etsy shop, for a complete listing and to purchase these great products.

Don’t Give me no Lip – Balm

Don't Give Me No Lip Balm - Homesteading Dreams Shop

This Lip Balm is what inspired me to make our own bath and body products. I had a hard time finding a lip balm that didn’t leave my lips peeling and sore, so I decided to make my own. Our lip balm is made with beeswax, coconut oil, and shea butter, with just a hint of peppermint and mica.

When I heard about my co-worker fund raising for a mission trip, I decided to make this lip balm all about helping others. Learn more about how Homesteading Dreams is supporting local not-for profit organizations.

SomeBODY Dropped the BALM

Somebody Dropped the Balm - Homesteading Dreams Shop

Body Balm is like a lotion bar in a convenient tin. Made from Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Beeswax, and Gold Mica, this balm is soothing to rough, dry skin. And, the cocoa butter makes it smell delicious! I smooth it on my rough hands and feet and it feels great. The balm is very stiff and with a little body heat melts when smoothed onto skin. I’ve also dabbed a bit of this on my split ends on challenging hair mornings.

Old Time Shave Soap

Old Time Shave Soap - Homesteading Dreams Shop

I love the old fashioned nature of this Shave Soap! It’s also a very frugal choice, with a tin lasting up to a year. It’s very lightly scented with Bergamot essential oil, making it great for guys or gals. It has aloe to sooth the most sensitive skin and bentonite clay to help pull toxins from skin. My husband LOVES this shave soap because it is so gentle on his skin. For a man short on compliments, he comments how much he likes this Shave Soap almost every time he uses it.

Don’t TICK me OFF Spray

Don't Tick me Off Spray - Homesteading Dreams Shop

It seems like almost everyone in my family has been affected by ticks in some way. Their experiences and the worry we all felt spurred me to research an all natural tick repellent. Tick Away is made with Vodka (don’t drink it!), castille soap, and the key essential oils, cedar and geranium. Spray it on clothing and exposed skin before heading outside.


Nope, Nada, GNAT a Chance SPRAY

Nope Nada GNAT a Chance SPRAY - Homesteading Dreams Shop

If you’ve never experienced gnats here in Southern Georgia, consider yourself lucky! Oh, they can be annoying and their little bites so itchy – it’s enough to drive most of us inside on an otherwise beautiful day. I found out that gnats don’t like anything that smells like lemon. They also LOVE the scent of humans so anything we can do to disrupt our human smell can keep the gnats away. Our Gnats Away is made with cedar, geranium, lemon balm essential oils in a vodka (don’t drink it!) and castille soap base. We’ve found this keeps other bugs away too which is a nice bonus!

Thank you for your interest in our products and taking the time to visit our shop over on Etsy.