Hand-crafted Lip Balm

Don't Give Me No LipDon’t Give me No Lip, Hand-crafted Lip Balm is simply made in my kitchen with all natural ingredients (beeswax, organic coconut oil, organic shea butter, peppermint essential oil, and mica powder). We don’t over-do the peppermint – it’s minty but not overwhelmingly and the mica adds just a hint of shine, perfect for a natural look.

The purpose of creating this hand-crafted lip balm is to provide support for local not-for-profit organizations and as an alternative fund-raising option, supporting individuals and charitable organizations who in turn put their efforts into helping others. If you are interested in selling Homesteading Dreams Hand-crafted Lip Balm as a fund-raiser, please contact me at: amy@homesteadingdreams.com or 912.239.8856.

At this time, Homesteading Dreams is supporting Project 82 Kenya. If you know of an organization that you would like us to help support, please send me an email, amy@homesteadingdreams.com.

Why Lip Balm and Why for Charity?

The inspiration for Don’t Give me No Lip Balm formed as a co-worker described a mission trip to Kenya that she was about to embark on. As she talked about the work she would do while in Kenya, providing relief for a group of women who volunteer their time to take care of orphaned children, I was in awe. As a mother of 4, the scene she described just pulled at my heart and the sacrifices that these women were making, to care for others, just really struck me. Remembering the sleepless nights of caring for an infant, I could almost feel their weariness as I imagined the women taking care of many babies, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with only the Mission Team to give them a break each year.
Around the same time, I started making my own bath and beauty products, looking for more natural solutions for my family. Like a light bulb suddenly
illuminating, I thought, what if we made lip balm for fundraising? When I think about the things I love to do – being creative, serving others, cooking up great things in my kitchen (usually food, but lip balm is pretty fun too!), making lip balm in support of charitable organizations just seemed like a natural road to travel down. I’m hoping the journey will positively impact our community and beyond.

I hope you enjoy using this lip balm as much as I do, knowing the proceeds are helping others along the way!