Sloppy Chicken – An Easy, 3 Ingredient Crock-Pot Meal

As I was driving to work one morning, the morning show host was talking about this easy crock-pot chicken recipe. Three ingredients in a crock-pot? I was ready to make this the next day! The sauce tastes a little like Sloppy Joes, so I decided to call this Sloppy Chicken, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be served like a Sloppy Joe. It would also be great served as is, over rice, or on a salad (what I did with the left-overs). Like most crock-pot recipes, Sloppy Chicken is super easy to make and hard to mess up.

sloppy chicken 9

Prep the Chicken

Place about 2-3 pounds of boneless chicken in the crock-pot. We used chicken breast, but thighs would be good too. You do not need to be precise with this at all. We used two packages of chicken and we had plenty of left overs the next day.

sloppy chicken 1

Add 1 bottle of your favorite Italian dressing.

sloppy chicken 2

And, add 1 bottle of your favorite barbecue sauce.

sloppy chicken 3

Give it a bit of stir – nothing fancy, just make sure the sauces are touching all the chicken. Turn the crock pot to low and let this cook all day, about 8-10 hours.

sloppy chicken 4

Serve it Up

With two forks, shred the chicken – this is super easy, it practically shreds just by stirring.

sloppy chicken 5

Spoon some of the Sloppy Chicken onto a bun. Be careful not to get too much sauce or the bun gets really soggy (unless you like that taste).

sloppy chicken 6

Top with some shredded cheese.

sloppy chicken 7

Add some greens. Notice the fresh mesclun mix in the picture that we grew in a container! Super excited about that! 🙂

sloppy chicken 8

Everyone enjoyed the chicken. Mo commented that it was a little bit too tangy for her taste. She would have liked a little less of the Italian dressing flavor. I really like the sweet, smoky, tangy mixture and it’s not combination that I would have thought of on my own.

sloppy chicken 9Double the recipe to easily feed a crowd. Serve with slider buns or Hawaiian rolls. Yum!