T-shirt Infinity Scarf

t-shirt scarf child

While a lot of people are out shopping over the Thanksgiving long weekend, I burrow in and start planning the many Christmas gifts that I will make. The four day weekend gives me a good start to get most of them done. This t-shirt infinity scarf is a favorite of mine as it goes together pretty quickly and it’s very versatile. For young people, it looks great doubled up, while adults can wear it as a single loop.

t-shirt scarf adult

The two colors add some nice dimension and they are fairly inexpensive to make. You need 2 size XL t-shirts in contrasting colors to make the scarf. You can get 2 scarves out of each set. I usually buy XL t-shirts when they go on sale at craft stores and pick them up for around $2 each, so this can really be a frugal project. You could use t-shirts you might already have or thrift finds, but the new ones always look nice and it’s easier to find the colors you want. They’re great for holiday themed scarves as well – black and orange for Halloween, red and green for Christmas, or you can make these in school colors too! They are pretty easy to put together and basic straight stitching so definitely something a beginner sewer could make.

Start by laying the t-shirts on top of each other and trimming off the bottom band. In the picture below, I’ve already done this and cut a section off for 1 scarf. This is the 2nd scarf I will make from these shirts. So, once they are lined up, I like to fold them in half because it’s easier for me to keep the cut straight with a short distance to cut.

t-shirt scarf 2

Cut a strip across about 8 inches wide.

t-shirt scarf 3

Unfold the strips and place them right sides together. So you have two loops, one inside the other, with the right sides facing.

t-shirt scarf 5

Pin these together on both sides, being careful not to stretch or pull the fabric.

t-shirt scarf 6

Cut straight across anywhere on the loop to make it one long strip.

t-shirt scarf 7

Stitch down each long side (pinned sides). On one side, go from end to end. On the other side, start in about 5 inches and end off about 5 inches from the other end. This is so we have room to stitch the short ends together.

t-shirt scarf 8

See in the picture above how one side is stitched all the way while the other side doesn’t go quite to the end. It doesn’t matter which side you do this with, just pick one.

t-shirt scarf 90

Turn the scarf right side out.

t-shirt scarf 10

Match up the short ends, right sides together. See in the picture above where we lined up the long seam that was stitched all the way to the end. So light pink end to light pink end and dark pink to dark pink. Pin this across. It will bunch and pull a little bit, so just keep at it. I pin the seems together first, then each end, then a couple pins in each section between the seam and the edge.

t-shirt scarf 11

Stitch across, pulling the pins out as you go.

t-shirt scarf 12

Tuck the part you just stitched into the scarf.

t-shirt scarf 13

Pin the opening, then blind stitch by hand to close this up. Your T-shirt Infinity Scarf is now ready for wearing or gifting. 🙂 This fun little project can be completed in less than an hour!