Tomato Paste – freezing

I like to call tomato paste my secret ingredient because you can add it to just about any sauce to add richness without adding a super tomato flavor. When making soup, if I think the broth needs a little something, I add a spoonful of tomato paste before adding extra salt and pepper. Sometimes this is all it needs to bring out the flavor. The trouble is, even though tomato paste comes in those tiny little cans, I usually don’t need a whole can of it. I usually just want a spoonful. So, I started freezing spoonfuls it whenever I open a new can, that way I can just throw one into a soup or gravy whenever I need it.

tomato paste 3

Drop spoonfuls of tomato paste onto a cookie sheet covered in wax paper. Freeze overnight.

Tomato Paste on tray

Peel the wax paper back and put the spoonfuls into a container for freezing.

Tomato Paste

When you need a spoonful of tomato paste, just pull one of these out of the freezer. They melt really quickly into whatever your stir them into. I think a spoonful of this secret ingredient is essential for great gravy or beef stew. You’ll never taste tomatoes specifically, only a rich, yummy gravy.