Cherry Cobbler on the Grill!

Cherries were on sale this week, it was 100 degrees today, and the air conditioner was having a tough time keeping up. That’s all it took for me to try making a camp style Cherry Cobbler on the grill!

cherry cobbler 1

Oh my GOODNESS!!! I don’t know what took me so long to try this, but let’s just say this stuff is absolutely delicious and probably the easiest way to make cobbler! My hubby said it was the best darn cherry cobbler he’s ever had! 🙂

It couldn’t be easier to throw this together and depending on how much space you have on the grill, you can cook it along side dinner. If you’re feeding a crowd, you might want to cook it after dinner is cooked. Just make sure you have some extra charcoal on there to keep the grill hot long enough.

I have to apologize up front for not getting a lot of pictures! I had no idea that this Cherry Cobbler would turn out so good!!! I’ll update with more pictures when I make this again. For now, I want to share this great idea!


To get started, I pitted fresh cherries until there was enough to fill up my cast iron skillet (approx 2 pounds) – super easy, just toss them right in the pan. Next, I mixed up 1 cup of flour, 1 cup of sugar, and 1 stick of butter in a bowl. 1-1-1, easy to remember! Mush this up using a fork, pastry blender, or berry chopper until it resembles coarse crumbs. Spread this over the berries and place the skillet right on the grill. This is very similar to the topping I use for Cardamom Poppy Seed Coffee Cake and Apple Crumb Pie (without the spices).


I’m going to assume you have the charcoal already heated up and the grill ready for cooking. 🙂 Place the pan right on the grill. Put the cover on the grill and cook until it’s all bubbly and the juice looks thick. Make sure it’s bubbly in the center as well. The top will get nice and brown. It took maybe an hour or so to cook and my grill showed various temperatures between 350 and 400 over that time. I should also mention that we use a basic Weber charcoal grill, so no fancy equipment needed. Your cooking time might vary depending on the grill and temperature. Once the cobbler is cooked through, use those oven mitts to take it off the grill.

cherry cobbler 2

Let this set on a cutting board or something heat proof to cool down a bit.

cherry cobbler with ice cream

Serve with vanilla ice cream for a super rich dessert. Enjoy – YUM!